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Ancestors in Water. The Ancestors and Allies are sounding a potent wake up call to us this month. They call on us to bring together our spiritual resources. These resources are our strength and have the power to renew and change the course of things. This is what is needed now. Wake up, dear one.

Wake up the power of your mind. Dream what is possible, expand the mind beyond the ordinary.

Wake up to magic. We are not alone. There is so much help available in the world of spirit. Don't let this connection be relegated to the realm of science fiction and fantasy.

Wake up to your inner greatness. You (yes, you) are indeed special and have a unique presence that emanates from you. It is a mystery and it is just perfect to let it remain that way. You can, however, wake up this part of you by respecting it.

Wake up to what has been handed down to you. You are an embodiment of the great ones who have gone before you. Carry their qualities well.

The foundation for holding these spiritual resources is being in touch with the joy and wisdom of your physical body because this is where your light shines through.

Now, the Ancestors and Allies are not finished. There is another potent message in this month's reading. Please keep listening. The Divine Feminine is speaking.

Your personal healing is intimately linked with the love of the mothers and the grandmothers.

We cannot heal without looking at the way we treat the feminine in our society, both now and in the past. (And all of us carry the feminine within).

A key component of this is to understand that we are nourished by the feminine -

literally and spiritually - and the Earth is the embodiment of the feminine and Mother.

How are we treating her, how are we treating the mothers and grandmothers, and how are we treating our inner feminine? Where do we override nurturing? Where do we lack respect?

How can we love like the mothers and grandmothers? How can we love like the Earth?

This is how we heal.

October ritual suggestion: Either in your home or a favorite place in nature, please call on the Ancestors and Allies to join you. Tell them your intention is to listen from your heart. Give yourself time to get quiet. Introduce yourself to the Earth and the wise women grandmothers. Then "listen" for a word, image, feeling or conversation with them. Allow at least 10 minutes for this. Then bring things to a close by thanking them.

If you would like a personal divination or shamanic healing session, please look at my schedule here.

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  • Erin Love's Monthly Reading

Ancestors in Earth. There is a puzzle to solve this month. A beautiful puzzle that involves finding the missing link to your sense of wholeness and belonging. This is a calling home from the Ancestors and Allies. It is a message for you to rest in yourself and find peace in yourself. This is your "home" and also where the spark of your genius will come from.

This month is a time that will allow you to advance in the important discovery of what makes you feel nourished. Do not look outside for this, or be overwhelmed at the task. The key lies in a self love that feeds you and feeds the child within you. What does the child within need to feel at home within you? What does your sovereign adult need?

Love is at the center of all things.

The journey this month lies in an inquiry around what is true now about who you are and what you offer to the world. This is your personal medicine. How has it evolved recently? Waking up to what is true now will bring clarity. In the clarity and embrace of who you are now is your brightness. Let it shine.

The Ancestors and Allies would like you to see that the work you do - the work any of us do -

is tied to the land and is influenced by the spirits of the land where you live. Do not forget that we live and work in relationship with spirits in our home, in nature and on the land. Acknowledge those relationships from time to time with your words, smiles, songs, presence, gratitude and offerings. It will be appreciated.

As for your closest relationship, open your mind to allow for new possibilities and use authentic communication. Creativity is the foundation that is needed.

Lastly, a simple and important message: Take good care of your physical health and body! Find the time or schedule you need to make that a priority.

September ritual suggestion: This is a meditation with the Ancestors and Allies. Invite their help and presence and take time in stillness feeling your love resting in you - resting in your whole body - with the goal of nourishing yourself. Do this until you feel still and nourished. Thank them for their presence and witness to your coming home to yourself.

If you would like to schedule a personal divination to see the soul map of your life or a shamanic healing, please click here


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  • Erin Love's Monthly Reading

Ancestors in Nature near Earth. The Ancestors and Allies call our attention to the power of transformation that comes through Love. They are asking us to take our love and make it an active love. Part of this transformation requires us to be in a primary relationship with our "voice." Our voice can be literal, coming through in the words we say to others, in expressing our truth and it can also indicate our relationship to the inner voice. Do we speak to ourselves as we would speak to the Ancestors and Allies, or to a beloved? Do we speak with the voice of Love? If we explore and find that we need to make changes here, as always, they are here to support us and will communicate with us if we listen.

A radical shift can happen if we embrace the flow of life and the flow of our personal medicine (our offering to the world and who we naturally are). Flow with who you are. This is the key. Flow implies that we are not resisting; we are finding fluidity. The Ancestors and Allies nudge us to "lighten up" here! There is an abundance of gifts that we have and carry.

The adversary to our independence will try to get close to the stronghold of our wisdom this month and requires decisive action to clear it away. When you see or feel the presence of foreign energy (energy that is not you and is not wanted), name it and send it away. This will usually happen on an energetic level, so what you're doing here is keeping your domain safe and clear. Don't let unwanted or unexamined energies undermine your spiritual resources or planning. Be the master of your personal space by being aware of this.

We can wake up this month by recognizing the sacred collaboration between our eros, our heart's desire for service and devotion to others and the way that we emanate light. Bringing these elements together within will generate brightness and brilliance that blesses many.

You have established a clear foundation of affinity with your Ancestors and Allies that brings your genius alive. Well done.

Lastly, we are being encouraged to get out of the house and explore the other arenas of life this month!

Ritual suggestion: Take a walk to a nearby river, lake or stream and speak to the water spirits and your Ancestor and Ally team. Bring an offering for them because they are offering to lend you a hand this month. The invitation is to tell them where you need help finding your strength.

If you would like to schedule a personal divination or shamanic healing, please go here.

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