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March: Time to Lighten Up

Ancestors in Nature. This month points to a radical transformation and a "greening" of our souls. As we move into Spring, our eyes can open and we can befriend Nature to make the changes we need to make.

What are we shedding? What will be left behind in this transformation? What is rising up? We don't even know yet. All that is required of us is the willingness to not resist new life by holding on to the old.

Our source of grounding and power is our levity. That's right: we need to lighten up! Lighten up in our approach to visioning and in connecting to the Ancestors and Allies. Being serious is not a requirement for deep connection. We can connect through play, openness, humor, light hearts. We can learn through these things, too.

If you are fretting over family, relationship, being disconnected from the magic of life, and have been stalking clarity like a hungry lion, please drop the striving now. Allow your instincts to live in you again and activate your inner genii - One Who Knows Without Effort. With less effort, there will be a homecoming and a relaxation within. "You do not have to be good. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves," says poet Mary Oliver.

Please let your love flow, even if it goes "nowhere." This act of courage will bring abundant creativity to your door and your mind will expand beyond what you "think" is possible. Love is meant to flow into the world.

The key this month is to unlock the dormant sensual energy of your body, your true nature. Bring the senses alive. It is Spring. Can you meet the world and your self with your full aliveness? See, hear, feel, taste, touch, be present, listen, give and receive, with all of Life, as much as you can allow yourself to.

Finally, give voice to your obstacles when you see them. Naming them will transform them.

March ritual suggestion: Spend time in Nature with your Ancestors and Allies that is playful. You might take a walk or hike and invite them to be close and participate in your play or reverie.

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