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Ancestors in Nature. Your heart of devotion is a focal point this month. The Ancestors and Allies would like you to see that there is a molting that is wanting to occur there, an uncovering of something new. The heart of devotion is that part of you that offers service and support to others and to the world. Ask yourself: How do I serve now? What is needed now? What is the new perspective that is growing in my heart that I can show the world? A Springtime rebirth is about to happen in the way that you express your devotion and contribute to the greater good.

In addition, there is clarification needed around your work and life path. Find your clarity and invite the changes that are on the horizon. The transformation is on it's way: don't fight it. The Ancestors and Allies want you to know that you have the resources you need to make the change.

This month you can put the phase of rest and retreat behind you! The key to flow this month is in finding the magic of the body. Movement, cleansing and hydrating the body will bring a greater sense of abundance and will help your inner light to shine.

In your inner landscape, there are some dense energies and false beliefs that need focus and addressing. These heavy energies are impacting your embodiment, the expression of your wisdom through your voice and are holding down your genius. The Ancestors and Allies support you stepping in to your genius and creative power. See the ritual below to quiet these energies.

Your platform of power comes through standing out, communicating your vision and allowing your community to witness your personal gifts and contributions to the world. Nudge yourself gently to be more seen and heard. Know that you are not standing alone, but are standing with your Allies.

Finally, there is peacemaking that is needed with your Ancestors. This is a continuation of last month's message. If you are holding grudges or conflicts with your ancestors and it is time, tell them that it is time to make peace. Offer them libations of water to purify and forgive each other. This means to pour water for them. I usually do this near a tree close to my home. If additional help is needed, seek out someone who can assist you with ancestral healing work.

March ritual suggestion: Create sacred space by inviting in your Allies and well Ancestors and ask for their help. Write down repetitive negative thoughts and limiting or false beliefs on small pieces of paper. Ask for these to be quieted and then composted. Wrap them and place them in the freezer for at least a month. Then bring them outside and bury or cover them in the earth. Thank the Allies and Ancestors for their help.

To book a personal divination or shamanic healing session, please see my schedule.

This month's divination spread.

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  • Writer's pictureErin Love's Monthly Reading

Ancestors in Water: Turn to the inner work of cleansing and renewal. There are old habits, structures, thoughts and ways of being that are wanting to be dismantled. You can let them go.

Use this month to cleanse yourself, allowing the old to wash away. Look in to the nooks and crannies of your life and see what needs a deep cleaning, inside and outside. There is cleansing and renewal that wants to happen in many relationships. Some things are running on autopilot. Ask yourself if these things need to be changed. Let renewal and cleansing be your anchor.

Do not turn your back on Life, or on the Ancestors and Allies. Don't look away. Don't look away from the wisdom of the Origin that you know in your bones. Don't look away from the suffering you see happening on the planet. Find your voice and make your voice known to others about what you stand for, what you see happening, especially to the mothers and our Mother, the Earth.

Transform your relationship with the Earth, your Mother. It's a reciprocal relationship and has a back and forth to it. Bring her your voice and your sensual aliveness. Then let her aliveness penetrate and brighten you. You might find time to go in to nature to feel this and speak with her.

There is a consciousness that lives in the natural world. You can court that consciousness. It is this relationship that helps to bring you home to yourself this month. Bundle up and get outside if you can!

The cleansing that happens this month needs to address the heaviness that dampens your creativity and the perfect potential unfolding of your life. The cleansing is the remedy to bring movement back to the genius of your life path and work in the world. You have unique spiritual gifts to share and in order to share them, this cleansing and renewal is needed.

February ritual suggestions: Work with the spirit of Water and create a personal ritual cleansing for yourself. This could be a ritual bath or shower, a dunk in the ocean, or a smaller symbolic washing at your altar. Invoke the wise and well Ancestors, your Allies and the spirit of Water and ask for cleansing in specific areas of your life. Pour water out to the Earth as an offering for the Ancestors and Allies. Give thanks for their help.

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  • Writer's pictureErin Love's Monthly Reading

I recommend you find a quiet moment and a comfortable place to be while reading this message. Notice what rings true to you.

Ancestors in Nature. We are at the threshold of radical change and new ideas. This feels appropriate for the beginning of a new decade.

This month you have at your disposal an influx of creativity that can nourish you at a very deep level. The time is ripe to embrace change as well as make change happen. When creating the changes you want to see, ask yourself if the change is your deepest truth. Don't let your ideas or creativity be domesticated. Let them be wild and free and true to you. Your personal healing and the light that you shine to the world depend on this freedom, authenticity and embrace of change.

Make regular time for a meditation and spiritual practice this month. This is the key to walking in to the new year and decade. You do not walk alone, and there is deep wisdom available within each of us. It is in finding the threads to your deep wisdom - what lies beneath the superficial - that you will be well anchored for the changes that are to come.

Your home base is within you. Nurture yourself by grounding yourself. The clarity that can arise from doing this will strengthen you. Let your heart fly to the safety of your home within.

In terms of alliances within community, seek out those that focus on health or your physical body.

As ever, if we place ourselves in collaboration with the Ancestors and Allies, things will go more easily. They will help us to find our voice to initiate the changes we need and want to see. Their wake up call to us reminds us to be lighthearted and peaceful, especially in terms of our communication.

January ritual suggestion: Make it a personal ritual to ground yourself and meditate this month. Embrace a personal spiritual practice that works for you. Do this daily, if possible. Let your goal be to connect with yourself beneath the busy mind. From this place, magical insights and creativity can flourish.

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