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I recommend you find a quiet moment and a comfortable place to be while reading this message. Notice what rings true to you.

Ancestors in Nature. We are at the threshold of radical change and new ideas. This feels appropriate for the beginning of a new decade.

This month you have at your disposal an influx of creativity that can nourish you at a very deep level. The time is ripe to embrace change as well as make change happen. When creating the changes you want to see, ask yourself if the change is your deepest truth. Don't let your ideas or creativity be domesticated. Let them be wild and free and true to you. Your personal healing and the light that you shine to the world depend on this freedom, authenticity and embrace of change.

Make regular time for a meditation and spiritual practice this month. This is the key to walking in to the new year and decade. You do not walk alone, and there is deep wisdom available within each of us. It is in finding the threads to your deep wisdom - what lies beneath the superficial - that you will be well anchored for the changes that are to come.

Your home base is within you. Nurture yourself by grounding yourself. The clarity that can arise from doing this will strengthen you. Let your heart fly to the safety of your home within.

In terms of alliances within community, seek out those that focus on health or your physical body.

As ever, if we place ourselves in collaboration with the Ancestors and Allies, things will go more easily. They will help us to find our voice to initiate the changes we need and want to see. Their wake up call to us reminds us to be lighthearted and peaceful, especially in terms of our communication.

January ritual suggestion: Make it a personal ritual to ground yourself and meditate this month. Embrace a personal spiritual practice that works for you. Do this daily, if possible. Let your goal be to connect with yourself beneath the busy mind. From this place, magical insights and creativity can flourish.

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  • Erin Love's Monthly Reading

I recommend you find a quiet moment and a comfortable place to be while reading this message. Notice the insights and inspirations that come to you, and listen to them.

Ancestors in Water with family and community. This month the Ancestors and Allies join us to make peace in our families and in community. It is this divine assignment that will foster your own personal healing. If you are looking for the path to your own healing and clarity this month, this is most assuredly it. The invitation is to embrace this task rather than dodge it.

So much happens this month out in public! It is wise to surrender to the responsibility of carrying your medicine (one's unique offering to the world) with consciousness everywhere you go. Prepare yourself before going out into the world. Be intentional. Let your offering to others be influenced by the mountain-like power of stillness and quiet strength.

As we interact in the world this month, what anchors and grounds us is being threatened by what is false and shines with false light. We need to know this and be on the lookout for this. What do we need to see that is not true? What ideas or false beliefs come from the culture around us? How can we step back in to flow with the Ancestors and Allies and this month's message of peace? Clear your mind and use your personal connection with Source to help you anchor and orient to what is true.

The pathway to wisdom lies in waking up to the undisputed origin of the heart. This is where you will shine. This is where the magic is. This is what needs to be expressed. Find words to express your heart in ways that will be nurturing and giving to others. This is what it means to give.

At work, you are being encouraged to express your innate abilities and creative ideas. Follow those ideas and abilities. Show your genius! It might be time for a change at work or in your work. Allow yourself to be inspired and change and grow in your talents at work, naturally.

Be creative and thoughtful about the stories you tell about your family and lineage. What stories do you carry about your family? Which ones bring joy and peace and connection? Share them.

Finally, bring nourishment to the body and remain in service to the deep wisdom of the body this month. Take good care of yourselves.

December ritual suggestion: Invite in the Allies and the healed Ancestors to help you make peace within your family (or community). Ask to see what is blocking you. Is it a past event, trigger, person or even an idea? You can work with this. The practice of Ho'oponopono can be helpful, which is a clearing and forgiveness exercise. See the event, trigger, person or idea and begin saying these four phrases to it/them:

"I love you; I'm sorry; Please forgive me; Thank you."

Go as slowly as you need to for each one. Repeat the phrases until you feel a positive shift. Please include saying the phrases to yourself if needed. Close with gratitude and thank the Ancestors and Allies for their help.

Happy holidays! If you'd like to book a personal divination with me, either in person or via Zoom or Facetime, please take a look at my schedule here.

This is a photo of this month's divination spread.

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  • Erin Love's Monthly Reading

Ancestors in Fire. This month we are in alignment with the Ancestors & Allies. We have their attention! We are worthy and welcome. They are willing to go the long road with us.

They call attention first and foremost to offer help for a peacemaking with your mind. Our minds are on fire, running rampant at the pace of out of control Fire. Sigh. Breathe. Let's slow down our thoughts and bring in the cleansing that is needed to help make them as clear as a still lake again.

Make peace with your mind, and use your mind to make peace.

They call on your deep devotion and the heart of service that lives in everyone. They want you to go deep inside of yourself to know what makes you tick and what you are offering. What is it that your heart longs to serve? Because once your heart knows what it longs to serve, it will be so filled up in the giving.

They encourage you to use your voice to speak to them. Begin the dialogue. They will hear it and receive it.

The obstacles that come in this period of time come to threaten our sense of our deep knowing. Seek to become more sure around what your deep knowing is. Trust your instinct. See the shadow! Know it and name it. If we partner with them, they will help us push the shadow to a place where it can be transformed.

It is wise to be clear about your personal medicine and about how that moves through your body and in your intimate relationships. Be careful with your precious erotic energy. Bring clarity rather than confusion. Allow your sensual side to work with your personal medicine - your gift to the world - so there is balance. Don't hide this energy. It runs through all of Life. Be responsible to carry it with integrity and dignity, as a precious resource.

Let your life's work be informed by the messages that come from spirit. We have unique and individual antennae for these messages inside of our own DNA. Allow your antennae to open and move your life and mission forward. Let the magic in.

Your personal healing over the next few weeks is intimately tied to relationships and community. These relationships need extra tending right now and might need the support of community or time with the larger group of close ones. Thanksgiving falls in this month, so there will be plenty of opportunities to open the door to our personal healing with family and community.

Home is where it's at. Don't neglect your home. Curl up and tuck in and receive the gifts of being grounded, nourished and well rested.

It is also a good time this month to take time to acknowledge the spirits of the land where you live and the ancestors who were here before Columbus. Make a word or gesture of goodwill to them. Not with a posture of guilt or shame, but with a steady respect.

You have done your work. All of the hard work that you've been doing lately to align with your true nature is shining through you. You've worked on creative expression, caring for the physical body and have come to a place of being at home with your self. You can rest in this inner work and simply let your light shine right now.

November Ritual suggestion: Invite the help of the Allies, the healed Ancestors and the spirit of Water. Perhaps use a bowl of water at your sacred space. See the color blue and the qualities of water - soothing, peace - calming and washing your mind, taking away the debris. Do this until you feel more settled. Thank them for their help.

The view of the November reading

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