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Ancestors in Water. We are in the flow of our power, grace and brilliance. Our strength with the Ancestors and Allies is chasing the shadow away, allowing the shadow to be worn away by our commitment to peace. We have done well to put space between ourselves and its influence for the time being. Let us remain committed to our work to stay brilliant and connected with our Allies and Ancestors.

This month is a time for listening to the bells of your creativity and inviting them to engage with you. Know that creativity comes from the heaven within, and your creativity is heaven expressing itself uniquely through you. Keep calling, keep listening, to your creative muse.

Personal healing is your dance with deep wisdom this month. Explore your depths gently, with precision and structure. The wisest path is whatever draws you deeper into your own depths. Make space for this to happen. Schedule time with yourself to go beneath the surface. It will not happen if you do not make space for it.

Your work in the world is aligned with your personal medicine and with community. It is okay to take a rest or a retreat from being the bridge for a while.

If there is something that is waiting to yet be transformed this month it is the narratives around your body and your erotic nature. Time spent being solo and being at home in nature will allow your strength to accumulate and bring clarity to your path.

The keys are freedom and finding your own natural and untamed way.

You are at the center of your life this month. Love is your companion. Radical transformation along the lines of a deep homecoming is here. There is an invitation to a new perspective. Turn your head upside down and see what the world looks like that way! Everything is different.

Ritual suggestion: Make a ritual offering of gratitude to your Ancestors, Allies and Life, to thank them for all of their support, love and guidance. You can bring them flowers, create a mandala, leave a feast out for them, sing to them or find something else special that calls to you as a way to say thank you.

To have your own personal divination or shamanic healing session, schedule here.

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  • Erin Love's Monthly Reading

Dear ones,

This month was a difficult divination for me. I've sat with it for days. It's impossible not to acknowledge in some way the embedded racism that exists in America that is being unearthed through the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery (and others) and the protests that have ensued. I mention them here because they are on my heart and mind, and need naming, even if you don't hear me speak directly to them in the words below.

With love,


Ancestors aligned in Fire. The way to understand our soul map this month and resource ourselves amidst the chaos around us is to feel the presence of the Ancestors and Allies

as a primary support structure. They offer relationship with us to fortify us. We are never without them and they can help us to be agents of change. We have "back up" for what we want to bring to the world, and they are it.

This month it is vital to organize around our communities! We have an inseparable connection with one another. Strong communities can be formed when we bring our brightest and most steady light, our unique expression of capacity and contribution. This is our brilliance, which means "intense brightness of light" and "exceptional talent or intelligence." We all have something of brilliance to offer.

Don't be shy. Now is the time to build bridges with your neighbors. Converse. Make eye contact. Transmit light. When we do this - with the help of our Ancestors and Allies - we begin to build a platform for cleansing, peace and reconciliation that can flow over time into our relationships, our homes and to the earth.

The path to wisdom is found in using our genius to contribute to anchoring peace and creating a safe home for all.

Let us do the work of transforming the heart. This is our assignment. Here is a formula to consider: The virus has initiated great transformation. There has been a retreat into work and home and a challenge to our collective narrative was begun. Now, it is time to climb to the top of the "mountain" of our own strength to erect and proclaim a radical new way. We need a new vantage point that will unify and we need the heart of love. What do you see when you look out from a higher perspective?

Our wisdom, authenticity and finding our voice are the ingredients needed to lead us along the path of clarity toward a surrender to Peace. In this peace we will find the upright expression of our personal medicine, which is our innate gift to all of Life.

Meditation is also a crucial ally for us on the path to peace. Make time for this and surrender to the stillness.

Do not give the shadow much attention. Of course it is there and we are aware of it, but let's not let it take root in any of the important areas of our lives. This is not where to focus. See that our resources this month are gathered around community, brightness, peace, change and safe home for all.

June ritual suggestion: Please find a way in your community to express yourself and your desire for peace. I'd love to hear about any peace rituals you create!

If you would like to have a personal divination or shamanic healing session with me, please go here.

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  • Erin Love's Monthly Reading

Ancestors at the threshold of Water and Mineral. We have passed nearly through a major period of cleansing, rebirth and renewal. We find ourselves at the cusp between the time of cleansing and entering into our collective narrative again. What is next, we ask?

A better question is: What is now?

It is now time to gather the medicine of the resting and retreating we've been doing and allow it to transform us. There is still time to distill the wisdom that has come during this downtime. Do not miss the opportunity for radical transformation! Consider what you have learned and what needs shedding. Are you clear on how you want to enter into this next phase? How will you show up now to write the collective story and the way forward?

I ask you: What will our children and our descendants say that we did during this time? You do not need to have children to answer this question. We all have those that come after us. Let us think of them and listen for their wisdom. They depend on us. What are they trying to say?

This month, we are being asked to orient around the anchor of our own personal healing. There is solitary work to do. This is work to be done in the absence of our community, inside of ourselves. We are being asked to continue to "mother" ourselves, belong to ourselves and come home to ourselves. This is the path of wisdom and our primary responsibility this month. We are assured by the Ancestors and Allies that the transformation of what isn't true and beautiful is happening.

You may find that the shadow of our current collective trauma is burdening your heart. If this is so, please make time to connect with the spirits of the land near you. On a walk, from your window, or by sensing out in to the landscape, allow for connection with what is near you - the mountains, trees, birds, forests, lakes, rivers and others. Speak out loud to these beings! Offer them your gratitude and greeting. Ask for their help. Listen and feel for their reply. Let your heart be lifted.

May ritual suggestion: Journey or sit quietly and invite in your well Ancestors and Allies. Ask them to help you to connect with your descendants. Invite them to teach you about what is needed now, both personally and collectively. Ask them how to heal and make change. When you are finished, thank them all for their help and guidance.

If you would like to set up a session for your own personal divination or shamanic healing, please go here.


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