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April: Come Back in to Alignment

Ancestors just outside of Nature. This month the Ancestors and Allies draw our attention to how we have stepped outside of our true nature. There is a call to come back in to alignment with our authenticity and our most natural selves.

What does this mean for you? Have you been taking time to tend to your true self, your inner light or have you been holding space first for others? Perhaps you've stepped to the left or to the right of your true and nourishing nature? Maybe there are subtle ways that you are not aligning with your essence and giving it expression?

Allow yourself to step back in to alignment with what is good and true within you. When this alignment occurs, you have access to the magic of nature, within and without. Personal healing takes place effortlessly.

The key is to surrender to being at home with this alignment and rest in it. Let it feed you.

This month our wake up call comes from the stars. It's a shift of seasons and a shift in the heavenly light. Begin a sacred dialogue with the nature from above. Be in the light of the stars, even our star the sun, and consciously absorb the frequencies. This is another way to be spiritually sustained.

Your heart of devotion should not serve the shadows of your life or home. Your heart of devotion wants to serve the Earth, belonging and creativity. Make sure you are not being unconscious about your service. Remove the obstacles and choose your service wisely. "Whom do you serve?" asks the Goddess.

What anchors you this month is love and the heart that follows a clear path on which abundance guides the way. Enjoy the foundational solidity that love brings.

Within the family, you are being encouraged to find your voice. As you do this, you can facilitate a radical and peaceful transformation that will surpass the mind and create a new, and better family structure. Can you speak to what you are creating in your family? If your family can't hear you, then you can speak to your Ancestors. They will always listen to you.

Whatever limiting beliefs you have around your innate wildness and precious instincts are ready to be released now. Simply let them go and embrace an instinctual frequency.

In your relationship (with other or with yourself if that is primary), you are invited to bring in embodiment, sensuality and to consciously create and tend to this.

Finally, the Ancestors and Allies are reaching out a hand to our communities right now. Take that hand and partner with them and your inner spiritual sovereignty to bring in healing. Your resources with them are affirmed.

April ritual suggestion: Create a sacred ritual container in the natural world by calling in your true self and the Ancestors and Allies. Bring an offering of water to a tree. Ask for the help of water, nature and these Allies to address the unconscious shadows that you serve and dispel them. Declare your service to something higher in their presence. Your life will be empowered in this service. If it feels right or necessary to you, and you would like the ritual to have more potency, gather some close friends together and declare your service together. When you are finished, offer your gratitude and thanks for the help received.

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