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Frequently asked questions
  • What issues do you specialize in treating?

          I specialize in treating all kinds of acute and chronic pain, headaches, whiplash, head injury, 

          TMJ, anxiety, depression, infertility and provide pre- and post-surgery care. I also believe in                the poweof regular or seasonal sessions for self-care, cleansing and overall wellness. And, if              you are looking for a guide to help you become more aware and embodied on your path of                    personal development, this is a wonderful reason to seek out sessions.

  • What issues can be addressed with shamanic healing?

          Shamanic healing seeks to address the energetic and spiritual aspect of illness or dis-ease.  

          Some of the issues that can present are depression, anxiety, loss of self, acute or chronic

          pain, a streak of bad luck, not being able to move forward in life as well as others.

  • Do you give Chinese herbal remedies? 

         Yes, I am a trained Chinese herbalist and carry modern and classical patent formulas for many             conditions.

  • Can children get treatments?

          I do treat children and especially  like to work with teenagers. I can do needle-free                                  treatments using gentle tools, acupressure and Core Synchronism/energy healing

  • Do you accept insurance?

          I currently do not accept insurance, but am happy to provide receipts for reimbursement

          and can process your HSA cards. A sliding scale is negotiable when needed. 

  • Do you do massage therapy-only sessions any longer?

         No, I currently offer acupuncture sessions that include massage as needed.

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