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November: Cool the Fire of your mind

Ancestors in Fire. This month we are in alignment with the Ancestors & Allies. We have their attention! We are worthy and welcome. They are willing to go the long road with us.

They call attention first and foremost to offer help for a peacemaking with your mind. Our minds are on fire, running rampant at the pace of out of control Fire. Sigh. Breathe. Let's slow down our thoughts and bring in the cleansing that is needed to help make them as clear as a still lake again.

Make peace with your mind, and use your mind to make peace.

They call on your deep devotion and the heart of service that lives in everyone. They want you to go deep inside of yourself to know what makes you tick and what you are offering. What is it that your heart longs to serve? Because once your heart knows what it longs to serve, it will be so filled up in the giving.

They encourage you to use your voice to speak to them. Begin the dialogue. They will hear it and receive it.

The obstacles that come in this period of time come to threaten our sense of our deep knowing. Seek to become more sure around what your deep knowing is. Trust your instinct. See the shadow! Know it and name it. If we partner with them, they will help us push the shadow to a place where it can be transformed.

It is wise to be clear about your personal medicine and about how that moves through your body and in your intimate relationships. Be careful with your precious erotic energy. Bring clarity rather than confusion. Allow your sensual side to work with your personal medicine - your gift to the world - so there is balance. Don't hide this energy. It runs through all of Life. Be responsible to carry it with integrity and dignity, as a precious resource.

Let your life's work be informed by the messages that come from spirit. We have unique and individual antennae for these messages inside of our own DNA. Allow your antennae to open and move your life and mission forward. Let the magic in.

Your personal healing over the next few weeks is intimately tied to relationships and community. These relationships need extra tending right now and might need the support of community or time with the larger group of close ones. Thanksgiving falls in this month, so there will be plenty of opportunities to open the door to our personal healing with family and community.

Home is where it's at. Don't neglect your home. Curl up and tuck in and receive the gifts of being grounded, nourished and well rested.

It is also a good time this month to take time to acknowledge the spirits of the land where you live and the ancestors who were here before Columbus. Make a word or gesture of goodwill to them. Not with a posture of guilt or shame, but with a steady respect.

You have done your work. All of the hard work that you've been doing lately to align with your true nature is shining through you. You've worked on creative expression, caring for the physical body and have come to a place of being at home with your self. You can rest in this inner work and simply let your light shine right now.

November Ritual suggestion: Invite the help of the Allies, the healed Ancestors and the spirit of Water. Perhaps use a bowl of water at your sacred space. See the color blue and the qualities of water - soothing, peace - calming and washing your mind, taking away the debris. Do this until you feel more settled. Thank them for their help.

The view of the November reading

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Nov 05, 2019

Wow Erin. This divination is spot-on to what I was feeling with the ancestors in a field nearby when I was walking last night. And a question that arose for me about where my focus is right now. Pulling in to a more clear focus and letting so much of the creative business of my mind fall away. Thank you. I’m looking forward to engaging the water ritual.

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