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May: Finding Clarity at the Cusp

Ancestors at the threshold of Water and Mineral. We have passed nearly through a major period of cleansing, rebirth and renewal. We find ourselves at the cusp between the time of cleansing and entering into our collective narrative again. What is next, we ask?

A better question is: What is now?

It is now time to gather the medicine of the resting and retreating we've been doing and allow it to transform us. There is still time to distill the wisdom that has come during this downtime. Do not miss the opportunity for radical transformation! Consider what you have learned and what needs shedding. Are you clear on how you want to enter into this next phase? How will you show up now to write the collective story and the way forward?

I ask you: What will our children and our descendants say that we did during this time? You do not need to have children to answer this question. We all have those that come after us. Let us think of them and listen for their wisdom. They depend on us. What are they trying to say?

This month, we are being asked to orient around the anchor of our own personal healing. There is solitary work to do. This is work to be done in the absence of our community, inside of ourselves. We are being asked to continue to "mother" ourselves, belong to ourselves and come home to ourselves. This is the path of wisdom and our primary responsibility this month. We are assured by the Ancestors and Allies that the transformation of what isn't true and beautiful is happening.

You may find that the shadow of our current collective trauma is burdening your heart. If this is so, please make time to connect with the spirits of the land near you. On a walk, from your window, or by sensing out in to the landscape, allow for connection with what is near you - the mountains, trees, birds, forests, lakes, rivers and others. Speak out loud to these beings! Offer them your gratitude and greeting. Ask for their help. Listen and feel for their reply. Let your heart be lifted.

May ritual suggestion: Journey or sit quietly and invite in your well Ancestors and Allies. Ask them to help you to connect with your descendants. Invite them to teach you about what is needed now, both personally and collectively. Ask them how to heal and make change. When you are finished, thank them all for their help and guidance.

If you would like to set up a session for your own personal divination or shamanic healing, please go here.


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