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February: Dismantle the Old and Renew

Ancestors in Water: Turn to the inner work of cleansing and renewal. There are old habits, structures, thoughts and ways of being that are wanting to be dismantled. You can let them go.

Use this month to cleanse yourself, allowing the old to wash away. Look in to the nooks and crannies of your life and see what needs a deep cleaning, inside and outside. There is cleansing and renewal that wants to happen in many relationships. Some things are running on autopilot. Ask yourself if these things need to be changed. Let renewal and cleansing be your anchor.

Do not turn your back on Life, or on the Ancestors and Allies. Don't look away. Don't look away from the wisdom of the Origin that you know in your bones. Don't look away from the suffering you see happening on the planet. Find your voice and make your voice known to others about what you stand for, what you see happening, especially to the mothers and our Mother, the Earth.

Transform your relationship with the Earth, your Mother. It's a reciprocal relationship and has a back and forth to it. Bring her your voice and your sensual aliveness. Then let her aliveness penetrate and brighten you. You might find time to go in to nature to feel this and speak with her.

There is a consciousness that lives in the natural world. You can court that consciousness. It is this relationship that helps to bring you home to yourself this month. Bundle up and get outside if you can!

The cleansing that happens this month needs to address the heaviness that dampens your creativity and the perfect potential unfolding of your life. The cleansing is the remedy to bring movement back to the genius of your life path and work in the world. You have unique spiritual gifts to share and in order to share them, this cleansing and renewal is needed.

February ritual suggestions: Work with the spirit of Water and create a personal ritual cleansing for yourself. This could be a ritual bath or shower, a dunk in the ocean, or a smaller symbolic washing at your altar. Invoke the wise and well Ancestors, your Allies and the spirit of Water and ask for cleansing in specific areas of your life. Pour water out to the Earth as an offering for the Ancestors and Allies. Give thanks for their help.

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