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Erin Love, L.Ac., MSOM
Shamanic Practitioner
​NCCAOM Board Certified
in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
Cowry Shell Diviner endorsed
by Elder Malidoma Somé
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I believe in the power of the human body and soul to heal and thrive given the right engagement, education and environment. My philosophy is both practical and magical; I believe that attention to both

the body and soul are what is missing in much of modern medicine.

This combination is what you will find when you work with me.

During our sessions, we work together to create change. I love to educate on what I'm doing to empower you to participate fully. I will bring the best of what I've learned over the past 25 years in practice to you: acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, shamanic healing practices, medical Qi gong, Core Synchronism and bodywork. The combination creates a depth of release that is transformative and corrective, practical and magical.

Pain, health imbalances, emotional distress and life transitions are the top reasons people seek me out. Many people continue their work with me to maintain their health, balance and sense of connection to Life.

Over the past few years I have shifted to make myself available to do more of my work over the phone and by Zoom when needed. It may come as a surprise to you that healing can happen this way! I assure you, it can and you will feel it. I am also offering in-person sessions again at my new office in Denver.


You are welcome to join me from anywhere on your journey, whether you're in good health or need help getting back to it. 

                                                                                 Erin Love              


"Erin's ability to treat the physical and journey with me through the story
has been a gift of healing!"    - A.B.

"Working with Erin Love is all at once nourishing, transforming and sublimely reassuring.

As a healer myself of 20 years, I am astounded by how effective her work is whether it's with my body, my energy field, my spirit, my soul or even my relationship. Somehow we always

find our way to the most essential core of what I need, and she masterfully attends on all levels. 

If you've never done a divination session with her, make sure you do so at some point and with a follow-up session, too. It gave me a large perspective that clarifies and inspires as well as heals. 

Whatever treatment I choose, I always leave feeling in sync with my true essence which I can only describe as blissful and revitalizing - like I got myself back, released the false parts

and woke up my asleep parts.    - J.B.


These sessions offer gentle Japanese-style needling technique combined with bodywork, moxa, cupping and energy healing

as needed. The ideal session for addressing specific conditions, practicing self care or

bringing embodied awareness to your

path of personal development. 

Some conditions that are helped by acupuncture include pain, depression, anxiety, headaches, digestive issues, women's health and more. 

Herbal formulas may be utilized in between sessions to facilitate continued healing.

60 or 90 minute session


Shamanic healing addresses healing

that is needed at the soul level.

Often this is the "missing link" in someone's

healing process or life transition.

I compassionately facilitate soul retrievals,

power retrieval, energy clearings,

ancestral healings, cord dissolving,

curse unraveling, healing rituals

and give instruction on how to establish

your own shamanic journey practice.

*These sessions work very well either

in person or over the phone/by Zoom.*

Initial session, 60 or 90 minute follow-up


Core Synchronism is a gentle and deeply

relaxing healing treatment that addresses the energetic causes of pain and dis-ease. 

Working with the brain, spine, lymph system, nervous system and subtle energy directly

allows for deep healing and relaxation

that is rare in our world.

Old trauma can be let go of and a

connection to health can be reestablished.

*These sessions work very well either

in person or as a distance healing.* 

60 minute session


Are you in need of direction, clarity or 

inspiration for your life path?

Let's take a look at your current soul map.

These readings offer a colorful and symbolic system of guidance to help you align

with your purpose and engage the help of

your ancestors and spirit guides.

Each session is a ritual for your healing and growth and may include ritual "homework."

*These sessions work very well either

in person or over by Zoom.* 

60 minute session



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